Our History

1984 In 1984 Pantelis Kaouris found the industry in Limassol. 1985 The business merchandize also local products such as Cyprus chickpeas, black-eye beans and beans.

Our guide is to be next and enrich Cypriots products and producers.
1986 Pantelis Kaouris Ltd evolve the their technical and human resources.

Due to business high demand a second packaging machine imported to separate the production line to each category.
1989 Business expand its production in spices, imports machinery for that cause, and consumes them to market. 1990 Along with Cypriot products we start importing foreign products. 1993 Almonds, walnuts and raisins create new product category. 1998 Another new production line starts for bird-pet feeding, such as seeds for canary, parrot, etc. 2004 We renovate our industry by the regulations of Europe Union needs. 2005 Private labeling is a new added in our services. The quality of the products remain the same. 2010
Labeling and logo updated.
2017 Superfoods is the latest addition at Kaouris goods, such as Quinoa, Buckwheat and Chia seeds. 2019 We upgrade our machinery in order to improve the functionality with the first concern being the observance of the strict standards of quality and hygiene.